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The A600 Talon is a development of the RotorWay Exec and externally resembles the earlier design. The A600 incorporates a different structure, a shaft-driven tail rotor, taller and longer landing skids


The A600 features a single main rotor, a two-seats in side-by-side configuration enclosed cockpit with a windshield, skid-type landing gear and a four-stroke, 147 hp RotorWay RI 600S engine. The aircraft has an empty weight of 965 lb (438 kg) and a gross weight of 1,500 lb (680 kg), giving a useful load of 535 lb (243 kg).


The aircraft has a top speed of 104kts and a maximum range of 200 nautical mile.


The cockpit features a luxurious full leather interior and full glass displays.

The 2 fadecs are connected to the display so that you can analyze all the system in a quick glance.

All necessary buttons are installed on the cyclic to provide a easy user interface.

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